Online activities for kids during social isolation

At Kew Junction, we like to support our locals in any way we can. During social isolation, the best way to do this is by providing you with free, online activities to keep the kids entertained. Please find following a list of of all the fun activities we’ve provided thus far:

Flower Pounding and Making Pictures with Pigments

Outdoor fun at home with your children and grandchildren courtesy of Nature Play Every Day.

Join Narelle from ‘Natured Kids’ live and experimenting with ancient methods, extracting the pigment from plants to make colourful petal pictures of a caterpillar, butterfly or your favourite garden critter.

Before joining the session, please take your child for a walk in your garden or nearby nature, to collect fallen leaves of different colours and shapes. You may have some garden prunings of flowers you wish to use too. (Please do not pick too many flowers because they are food for the bees, butterflies, birds and bugs).

Try to find flowers in all the colours of the rainbow; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. Fragrant flowers also add to the sensory experience for children.

You will also need three or four 20 – 30cm squares of calico (old sheets torn into squares work wonders too), a hammer, an old chopping board and an old toothbrush.

🌸🌼 Younger children may need help or supervision when doing session.

Science Show with fun Science Experiment with TwistED Science

Join TwistED Science for a 30 min Live Online Science Show! The team at TwistED Science will show you some amazing demos including explosions and chemical reactions and finish with an activity that you can follow along with at home. Just gather up the below materials to follow along and do your own experiment!

* a plastic disposable cup (ideally biodegradable),
* a hole punch,
* straws (paper or bio-degradable plastic),
* a piece of chux cloth,
* blue-tac,
* a rubber band,
* water and dish detergent,
* a bowl,
* plastic table cloth and towel (for clean up!)

Younger children may need help or supervision when doing experiment.

Fairy Bedtime Meditation Story

A gorgeous fairy bedtime meditation story for kids with True Fairies.

Wear: your PJs!! Make sure you have brushed your teeth, are comfortable (blankets and pillows and bedtime teddy’s encouraged) and ready for bed!

Make Glitter Slime with True Fairies

You’ll need: 1/2 cup of PVA washable school glue, 1/2 tsp baking soda, food colouring of your choice, glitter, saline solution (or borax), olive oil or coconut oil
Wear: An art smock or play clothes which are allowed to get messy!!
Use a mess mat or a wipeable surface for mixing.

Make a Fairy Wand with True Fairies

You’ll need: a straight stick from the garden (or a chopstick), coloured feathers or ribbons (or both for decoration), 2 x pipe cleaners
Optional extras: glitter glue and stick on gems or flowers
Wear: your fairy wings or fantasy outfit!
Minimal mess, younger participants will need parental assistance

Kids Zumba Session with Zumba Zita

You’ll need: comfy workout clothes and trainers or bare feet