Tips to help your body this Summer

Dr Ashley Gordon from Liforce Acupuncture  offers some great summer body tips!

Eat according to the weather.
Unfortunately, the weather is not at our liking right now, and there is still cooler temperatures around, therefore this means we still should be including some warm foods in our meals. If the weather is cool outside, we need warmer foods, however, if it is hot outside, this is the time when can eat salads… in moderation. So my advice is to hold off on the salads for a while until it gets a bit warmer. Your tummy will thank you for it.

When the weather does get warmer, Watermelon is great for your body. When the heat sets in and your body needs cooling down and water struggles to do the job for you, Watermelon should be your food of choice.

Foods for Summer.
We need light foods, not the heavier ones we had in Winter, so here are my suggestions: 1. Wise modifications to meals are Quinoa or Rice with Spinach, Rocket, Silver-beet, Kale or Avocado. All of these foods help to keep the body cool in Summer. 2. In combination with other brightly coloured veggies and berries, this not only looks great, but also adds variety and nutritional balance. 3. A really good idea want to eat the fruits on “special”, as they are the ones in season and in abundance at this time of year. What Nature provides and are currently in season, are also great choices, but please don’t just limit yourselves to them.

Why don’t you try.
Cucumber, Apricot, Cantaloupe, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Asparagus, Peaches, Mint and Coriander.