IL Faro Pizzeria & Cucina


It means ‘light house’ in Italian.

Lighthouses are consistent and reliable…

For us at IL Faro Pizzeria & Cucina, the characteristics of a lighthouse best describes what family means to us. When we celebrate or there is an important occasion in our lives we are with our family.

We welcome you to our family, be our guests, enjoy our hospitality, and sample our wonderful Italian cuisine, which includes our unique dough, which is a  milled multigrain mix of Italian flours, made via a traditional stone ground method.

Our dough is 30% whole wheat and is fermented for 72 hours creating a full flavour dough that is easily digestible.

We use artisanal imported Italian products and our gluten free dough is made in house and fermented over 48 hours.

IL Faro Pizzeria & Cucina… Come home to what you love!!

Contact Details

321 High Street, Kew 3101
Phone. (03) 9853 5155