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Kew Junction Business Association

Our vision

The vision is to develop Kew Junction as a thriving, vibrant and fun place to be. The centre will be a busy local focal point with a great range of shops, offices and community facilities for the many people who work, shop or visit there. The centre will grow as new developments are finished and more people move into the area.

Our Purpose

The incorporated association represents owners and business operators in excess of 600 properties at Kew Junction. The Statement of Purpose of the Association has been reviewed during the preparation of the Business Plan and is re-stated as follows:

How we help you

Being a member of the Kew Junction Business Association (KJBA) entitles you to many things and it’s up to you how much, or little, you’d like to be involved. We run many other free family events during the year including Easter Hunt, Halloween Trick or Treating and Christmas Market that you are welcome to attend or get involved with

Add your business listing to our online web directory, if you have checked the map below and fall within the boundary area.

Subscribe you to our trader newsletter so you’ll get updates on events and promotions you can get involved in. You’ll also learn about everything else we are doing in the Kew area

Give you free access to any business improvement services we offer, like Headshot Day and online marketing training programs

Feature on our our social media platforms – both Facebook and Instagram have a large number of followers and excellent engagement.

Allow you to record a Live on FB or Instagram offering tips and advice to our followers, on your field of expertise

Feature in our general public newsletter which has nearly 3000 subscribers.

Feature in the Trader Newsletter with your fellow Kew business owners to approx. 350 subscribers.

Free attendance to approximately three Kewmunity Dinners and a Chrissy Party every year!

If you have children, you are welcome to take advantage of the incredibly well-priced school holiday program we run every term

If you are located within the black and green areas of this map you are eligible to join the KJBA. Being a part of the Association and receiving all the benefits above, and more, is FREE. Contact us for details.