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History of Kew Junction

khs-pic-0021a-sc11 VictorianCollections-medium
Photos source: Kew Historical Society and Victorian Collections.

The History of Kew

Kew Junction has a rich history. Built in 1851 on the territory of the Wurundjeri peoples, shops began to open on High Street towards the end of the decade.

The Kew Court House Complex, made up of the former courthouse, police station, and post office, is the most historic landmark in Kew. Located next to the iconic Kew War Memorial at the junction of High Street and Cotham Road, the complex was completed in 1888 and formed an essential part of central Kew.

Now reappropriated, the Kew Court House operates as a dynamic community hub and often showcases exhibitions and events. The former police station now houses the Kew Historical Society and QArt Gallery , which supports artists with intellectual disability. Next door at the old post office, you can wine and dine at Postmaster Hotel. As a result of the community and council working together, the true essence of all three buildings has remained intact and can still be enjoyed today.

Today, Kew Junction hosts modern shops, funky cafes and a wide array of restaurants, while still retaining the charm of many of its original buildings.  And while the Junction continues to change over time, it remains at the heart of the local community.