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Online School Holiday Program

September 20, 2021

Our September School Holiday Program is going online!

While we may be still in lockdown, we’re determined to bring the fun to you at home. Every weekday from Monday 20 September to Friday 1 October, we’ll be broadcasting a kids activity workshop from 11:00-11:30am on Facebook Live.

To participate, all you need to do is head to our Facebook event and follow along. It’s all free and there’s no need to register. Head over to the Facebook event page now and click ‘going’ to receive notifications of what’s coming up and when.

If you can’t tune in at 11am, you can watch the replay at any time afterwards.

Note that some activities require a few supplies, and some a bit of parental supervision. See all the details below.

Monday 20 September


This hip hop dance workshop with Crazy Feet Dance is jam packed with energy and excitement. You will learn all the latest hip hop dance moves. This workshop is for all abilities, no experience needed. All you need is comfortable clothes to move in, sneakers and a water bottle. Don’t forget to push the furniture and any objects out of the way to make space to dance!

Tuesday 21 September


Here’s a fun activity that teaches you lots of important things about the environment and shows you how to make fun stuff out of recycled goods. Join Bee Healthy Stories to hear the story ‘Bee a Super Eco Warrior’. We will then have a fun quiz about the lifespan of waste and then you’ll get to create awesome plant pots and bubble blowers from recycled plastic bottles.

You’ll Need:

  • Plastic bottle (any size)
  • Scissors (Or cut bottle in half pre-workshop)

For bubble blower:

  • Top half of bottle
  • Water and bowl
  • Washing up liquid
  • Bowl for water

For plant pot:

  • Bottom half of bottle
  • Soil
  • Cress seeds

Optional: You can download the instructions here.

Wednesday 22 September


Fairy Snow from True Fairies, will take you over the rainbow to discover fairyland in spring. Listen to beautiful and magical stories about spring creatures and become a part of the magic. Get your fairy questions ready as you will get to meet a real life fairy!!! 💕  

Thursday 23 September


Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced sketcher, drawing Manga characters are a great way to exercise your creativity and imagination! Join Artea in this workshop learning to drawing Manga/Anime facial features and several techniques to bring them to life! You will be guided by an expert teacher who has tutored many aspiring artists just like you!

You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Grey lead pencils
  • Coloured pens/pencils

Friday 2 4 September


Get set for an awesome combination of crazy chemical reactions and mad science fun with Mad About Science. Make a bag mysteriously self-inflate and watch as our mad scientist conducts other fun experiments in their lab.

You’ll Need:

  • 40mL white vinegar
  • 1 tsp baking soda
  • 15cm x 9cm (snack size) ziploc bag
  • If you are using a slightly larger sandwich-sized ziploc bag, double the quantities of the other ingredients

Monday 27 September


Join Sammy from True Fairies, who will teach you how to make earrings you can actually wear! This class is aimed at tweens – older as it takes a lot of dexterity and you will have to have your ears pierced. Or have a parent helper and make them as a gift.

You’ll Need:

  • Oven bake polymer clay
  • Hook earring fixtures
  • Tooth pick
  • Mini rolling pin (or you can just squash the clay by hand)
  • Butter/ plastic knife
  • Oven
  • Baking paper

Items can be ordered for click-and-collect from Kmart or Spotlight. But don’t worry if you don’t have all these items yet. Sammy will go through all the places you can get what you need during the session, and you can watch the replay again later to follow the instructions once you’ve got everything you need.

Tuesday 28 September


Superheroes unite! It’s time to fight crime, whilst moving in style. Super Steps Girl (from the popular YouTube Channel Em’s World) is a superhero who loves to step it out with her awesome dance moves. Join in the interactive fun, from the comfort of your own home, get your heart pumping and use your imagination to create super hero outfits out of items you find around the house. A silly and fun class for boys and girls!

Wednesday 29 September


Learn how to create beautiful digital designs in just minutes with NJ Productions including digital posters, computer wallpaper and YouTube cover art. No experience is required, we’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started in just 30 minutes! Ideal for beginners to the Canva application.

You’ll Need:

  • iPad / laptop / desktop computer with free program, Canva, signed in and open
  • Register for a free account at, prior to class.

Thursday 30 September


Join Artea to learn how to draw a variety of mythical creatures and several techniques to bring them to life. You will also learn to use your new ability to create magical creatures of your own. You will be guided by an expert teacher who has tutored many aspiring artists just like you!

You’ll Need:

  • Paper
  • Grey lead pencils
  • Coloured pens/pencils

Friday 1 October


Join Bricks 4 Kidz to create some interesting animals using using your basic LEGO bricks (2×2 & 2×4) on a base plate. Let’s see what you can make!

You’ll Need:

  • 2×2 & 2×4 LEGO bricks
  • A base plate to clip your pieces onto

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All online workshops are free to attend