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Spend Local and Get Back

Spend Local and Get Back is a community fundraising opportunity where Kew clubs and groups* can raise funds by encouraging their members, and the wider community, to support local business. It’s a win/win for our neighbourhood!

Any interested clubs or groups can approach us to be involved and, if accepted, will be allocated one month within which to spend. 

Love to spend with a particular business type in Kew Junction but not sure which business that would be? Contact me and I can recommend businesses that fall within the boundary.


  • Let your members, their friends, family and everyone else know they have one month to Spend Local and Get Back
  • We can only accept receipts from Kew Junction businesses that fall within the green or black shaded areas in boundary map at the bottom of this webpage
  • For every $10 spent, your Club/Group receives a $1 donation
  • It can be any independent business within this area including High Street traders, service businesses like accountants, lawyers, plumbers, chiropractors etc. The only businesses we won’t accept are companies that aren’t independently owned like Coles, Woolworths, Dan Murphy’s, Australia Post etc
  • Those involved will be able to upload their proof of payment and a few details to register their spend. We will NOT be using registrant details for anything else and all information and receipts will be deleted at conclusion of the campaign
  • There is no minimum amount you need to spend on a receipt to upload it. Even if it’s $1 you can do so. The way we work out the donation amount is that all receipts are tallied together and then we work out the $1 in every $10. So every receipt counts!
  • Total amount that can be raised is capped at $5000
  • At the conclusion of the campaign, you have a one week grace period to upload any last receipts. After this time, we tally we donate money raised to your Club or organisation

* Campaign only available to Kew clubs and organisations


You can spend at any Kew business that falls within the green or black shaded areas in this boundary map. This map is best viewed on a PC: