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Wonderland Walkthrough and Hunt

March 23, 2024

Welcome to Easter in Kew Junction! Well, pre-Easter as we’re celebrating the week before!

Like every year, we’re offering a fun chick or bunny hunt in participating stores. Find 20 chicks or bunnies and then swap your map for a big, yummy egg. See all details on how the hunt works below.

Plus, we’re going to Wonderland this year with a decorated walk-through in Kew Court House. After you’ve handed your Hunt map in to Alice and the White Rabbit, and collected your egg, you can then wander through the ‘curioser and curioser’ and magical land, sitting at the Mad Hatter’s table, playing chess and more! Make sure you bring your camera for pics 🙂

Here’s how the Hunt works:

  • Register your details below for the downloadable Easter Hunt Map. Download and print one for each child involved
  • Hit the Kew Junction streets between 11am – 4pm on Sat, March 23. Make sure to bring a pen! REMEMBER: the event ends at 4pm so ensure you arrive with enough time to find 20 chicks or bunnies and get to the White Rabbit before he hops off
  • Find the hidden chick or bunny in 20 participating stores and mark which you found in the window on the space provided on your map (there are over 50 businesses listed on the map, so plenty of opportunities to find chicks or bunnies)
  • All chicks or bunnies can be seen from the footpath. No need to go into stores. Please help us keep windows clean by not touching or putting your face on them
  • Collect any of the specials, vouchers or offers listed on the map for yourself or the kids during the hunt coffee, lunch and dinner specials from a variety of cafes and restaurants plus so much more!
  • Head to Kew Courthouse and see White Rabbit and Alice
  • Hand your map in and draw a 300gm egg and then head through to Wonderland!

Download your Easter Hunt Map

Just enter your details below, and you’ll be able to dowload the map!